Replacing and maintaining shingles and shakes

A guide to using Marley shingles and shakes to repair and maintain timber roofs

Shingles and shakes are a sustainable roofing and cladding material. Shingles are produced by sawing a block of wood on both sides. A Shake is handsplit from a block of cedar along the natural grain of the wood and then re-sawn to produce one smooth surface. They are manufactured from Western Red Cedar.

They are the only truly renewable roofing material as they are made from timber – a renewable resource.

Shingles and shakes typically do not need replacement, however, if one should need replacing:

Pry up the shingle to be removed, and the shingle directly above, so that the nail shafts and heads can be accessed from underneath. Pull out or cut the nails with a hack saw and then the shingle can be pulled and wiggled out.

Slide in a shingle to fit the empty area. Hold the shingle ½” below the final fitting position. Install two of the correct nails at a 45 degree angle at the butt of the covering course.  Drive the shingle up the last ½” covering the nail head, using a block of wood against the butt to reduce splitting.

Shingles are supplied ready to use. Untreated shingles are not recommended for roofing work. Once fixed they need no further treatment; they are maintenance free. Ideally the roof should be kept clear of debris accumulation.

Marley Western Red Cedar Shingles and Shakes are preservative treated with MicroPro®, a clear treatment, guaranteed against insect attack, rot and decay for 40 years.

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