Benefits of using a solar battery in combination with solar roof tiles for new build housing

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Fitting a property with solar battery storage in combination with solar roof tiles offers several benefits including:

  • Produces and stores ‘green’ energy by converting natural sunlight into electricity
  • Can provide back-up power to the home in the event of a power cut
  • Solar battery stores excess electricity generated by the solar panels for use when you need it, instead of selling it back to the grid for a much lower amount
  • Reduces a property’s impact on the environment and the occupant’s carbon footprint
  • Can help reduce the impact of future rising energy costs
  • Can top up the battery from the grid in winter months, or on cloudy days, at a much lower cost per unit
  • Solar panels and battery storage combined could save up to 70% of the electricity cost of your home (1)

By converting natural sunlight into electricity, a solar PV system provides clean, renewable energy to the home. When the energy demands of the home are lower, for instance during the day when the occupants are at work, there can be an excess of electricity generated which could go unused. Using a solar battery means that instead of going to waste, any excess electricity is stored in a high-capacity battery. When demand is higher, the energy is converted by an inverter to usable electricity and supplied throughout the home for use in the normal way.

How can a solar battery in combination with solar roof tiles help to reduce energy costs while improving a home’s environmental performance?

The increasing population and demand on resources mean energy costs are rising and homeowners are looking at alternative ways to heat and power their property. As awareness of ‘greener’ technologies, and better use of resources increases, many people are seeking alternatives to traditional fossil fuels.

In terms of renewable and ‘green’ energy, one of the most proven technologies uses solar panels, also known as photovoltaic or ‘PV’ panels. PV panels convert sunlight into electricity which is then used to supply power to the home and its occupants.

The house building industry has seen an increase in homes being built that take advantage of a newer innovation such as solar roof tiles. The Marley SolarTile® uses the same PV technology as panels and are integrated into the roof covering, where they form part of the weathering layer, creating an overall neater and more aesthetically pleasing finish.

The solar panels generate DC electric this needs converting to AC electric so it can be used in the home so an inverter is required. A hybrid inverter coupled with a battery provides the ability to store unused electricity then make it available when the demands of occupants are higher. The battery can also be used as an emergency back-up in the event of a power cut.

A PV system can generate more electricity than is required by a home when demand is low, for example when the occupants of the property are out during the day. One option is to sell this excess back to the grid, although the electricity company will pay considerably less per unit than they charge for the energy they supply. It makes financial sense to consume all that you generate from your solar array and store any excess electricity in your battery system, ready for when you need it.

How solar tiles and a battery storage system can reduce home running costs

Studies by The International Energy Agency (IEA), show that for most countries worldwide, new electricity generation using solar PV provides the most cost-effective option.

The IEA predicts that the installed power of solar PV will be higher than that of coal by the year 2027 (2).
An average, occupied house consumes around 8 to 10 kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity per day. The result of a recent case study undertaken by Solar Energy UK shows that a modern home with energy efficient design and incorporating a solar PV array and battery storage system can reduce electricity costs by up to £974 per year when compared to an identical property that hasn’t been fitted with energy saving enhancements.

How an energy efficient can appeal home to buyers

Increasing a home’s efficiency by installing solar generating PV and storage systems can mean considerable savings on running costs. This is an obvious appeal to those looking to reduce their bills. To a buyer interested in how they impact the environment, the green credentials of a home and being able to reduce their carbon footprint, can have a strong influence on their house buying decisions.

Estimates suggest that in the UK, approximately 80 percent of first-time, and 73 percent of second-time buyers, were likely to consider a green home in 2022. The most important reason given for home buyers purchasing a green home was the homes being better for the environment (3). As well as the obvious cost savings, making use of renewable energy has numerous environmental benefits including helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Awareness of alternative, ‘greener’ energy use is increasing, and homes fitted with solar electricity capture and storage systems are becoming more attractive to buyers seeking reduced running costs and looking to minimise their impact on the planet.

New build properties provide the ideal way to take advantage of renewable energy as enhancements can be considered at a building’s design stage, making it easier to integrate the required systems into the building fabric.

Marley’s SolarTile® and battery storage system

Marley can supply the individual products needed to capture and store solar energy as well as a full system which incorporates Marley SolarTile®, roof tiles, the inverter unit, storage batteries and electric vehicle charging points. The components of a complete Marley PV solution are tested and matched to ensure full compatibility so you can be sure the system is designed and built to help you make the most of renewable, clean energy.

If you would like to discuss using our solar roof tiles and storage battery solutions on your next development, please contact us here.



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