What are the benefits of using shingles for the building envelope?

the benefits of timber cedar shingles from Marley Ltd used fro building envelope

Never has using timber for the building envelope been so popular

Timber is used in construction as a sustainable building material. Timber roofing and cladding products can add to the sustainable credentials of a project.

Western Red Cedar Shingles are a natural choice for both roofing and cladding projects. A durable, aesthetically pleasing timber, that requires no further maintenance once installed.

The external envelope can appear as one by using shingles to allow the facade to ‘wrap over’ the roof, to give a varied but uniform appearance.

Shingles are often specified on projects where there are conservation and/or planning issues. The natural product gently weathers to enable new buildings to blend into their surroundings.

Shingles are a very forgiving material to work with, and easy to cut onsite. So the use of shingles for both the roof and building elevation provides installation flexibility around penetrations, and details such as windows, rooflights and vents.