Why should I use a solar battery with a solar roof tile

Marley solar panels on a domestic house

Also sometimes referred to as home energy storage systems, solar batteries provide a simple and convenient method of storing the energy generated by solar panels during the day, so that occupants can use the stored electricity at night.

Using solar photovoltaic technology, such as the Marley SolarTile, to generate electricity is a great way to make a home more energy efficient. For homeowners, this means lower energy bills and a more sustainable home; for specifiers, it means creating a home that’s more attractive to buyers, and one which contributes to government targets to achieve net zero.

What are the benefits of solar batteries?

Since people are often not home during the day to use solar energy as it’s generated, a lot of solar power can go unused. Plus, people may use more electricity after the sun goes down – to power lights, televisions, cooking appliances and some heating systems, for example. Solar batteries, therefore, allow you to make the most of your solar panels and further cut your reliance on the electricity grid.

How do solar batteries work?

Solar batteries work like any other rechargeable battery, but on a larger scale. They can be used to power all your home lighting, heating and other appliances, and can also be used to charge electric vehicles.

When it gets dark, your solar panels will stop generating electricity, and the system will switch over to the energy stored in the batteries. Depending on your storage capacity, the weather and your energy needs, the battery may provide enough electricity to see you through until the next day. If you need more energy than the battery can provide, the system may begin to draw electricity from the grid.

For domestic properties, solar batteries are fairly small and can be tucked away out of sight in a cupboard or loft space. They are connected by an electrician, usually as part of the solar panel installation process. Batteries can also be fitted to existing solar systems.

Should I use a solar battery or export back to the grid?

While the option to export unused electricity back to the grid does exist, it is not the ideal way to deal with excess energy. This is because energy companies will pay you much less for the energy that you generate compared to the amount you will pay for the energy that you use.

As of writing (during an unprecedented energy cost crisis), most energy companies only pay around 5p per kWh when you sell electricity back to the grid, with some paying as little as 1.5p/kWh. Meanwhile, you will pay around 34p/kWh to use electricity from the grid. Based on these numbers, it’s easy to see why storing and using your own solar electricity is the more cost-effective solution. 

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