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Meet the artist - Lara Mason

To help us create an interesting and eye-catching design, we commissioned Lara Mason to showcase some of our most innovative and inspiring roof-scapes through sculpture. Here's what Lara had to say...

After a very welcoming visit to the Marley workshops and first-hand experience of their handmade tile process, I felt inspired to create an exhibition piece that was interesting for builders, architects, and designers to view. Each of the three models encapsulates the roofline of one of Marley’s many champion buildings. Small sections of handmade tiles were placed to mimic the shapes and contours of these buildings.

Lara Mason
The tile pieces are supported by steel rebar rods that are embedded into a concrete base which reinforces the practicality of Marley’s tiles but also the overall model represents their versatility and consideration to bespoke design.

I noticed a metal stamp in their workshop that is pressed into the back of each handmade tile; I felt it was important to display this as evidence of the care and attention Marley uses in each tile it produces.

Building Centre

Take a deeper look at some of our projects...

Golden Mede

Award-winning residential development in the historic village of Waddesdon, using Marley's Acme Double Camber clay plain tiles in a striking, yet contextual effect.

Golden_Mede Golden_Mede Golden_Mede
Golden_Mede Golden_Mede Golden_Mede

Quintain House

Demonstrating the highest standards of roofing expertise and craftsmanship. Using Marley's Acme Double Camber clay plain tiles, Quintain House lives up-to and exceeds the architectural vision, to become the true crowning glory.

Quintain House Quintain House Quintain House
Quintain House Quintain House Quintain House

Camino House

Marley's Acme Single Camber clay plain tiles were used across both wall facade and roof to create a unifying sense of form in this urban housing renovation.

Camino House Camino House
Camino House Camino House