Our manufacturing vision is "Safely exceeding our customers expectations in quality, delivery and product performance through the continuous improvement of our people and process". All our sites take a high-quality approach to manufacturing including 5S and an overarching Kaizen (continuous improvement) programme.

About our teams

A dedicated and inspired workforce ensures the successful operation of our manufacturing sites, providing the highest quality products to the market across the UK. Small management teams with strong leadership skills inspire and support the fantastic work of colleagues. With a wide range of opportunities, we draw from many different industries and employ team members from those just starting out to those with PhDs.

About working for us

Training and personal development is given a high priority.
There is a very positive culture on health, safety and environmental issues and time is allotted for regular training with emphasis on these areas.
We are committed to a team-based culture where departments respect and understand each other.
We want our people to feel valued; for example, we will listen to your ideas and suggestions. This enables the development of strong and long lasting relationships.