Our aim at Marley is to be the leader rather than the follower, to help shape the external fabric of buildings and the designs of tomorrow – today. The sales team is integral to driving this vision forward.

There are three national sales teams, with the large roofing team being further divided into regional teams. Our salespeople have a strong and varied skill set including trained Quantity Surveyors, BREEAM Assessors, CAD, and an architectural background, and we also have a mixture of undergraduates and post graduates alongside experienced salespeople, which all adds to our forward thinking and innovative approach.

About our teams

You will benefit from strong leadership, clear communication, and support to help you meet your objectives.
The culture is hard working, motivated, and competitive, yet there is also a strong sense of team spirit, providing support when you need it.
Everyone is well respected, valued, and listened to.

About working here

There is a commitment to provide guidance and mentoring to help people follow their desired career paths.
You will have the opportunity to take the Institute of Roofing qualification, while there is also support for taking other qualifications and specific courses.
When it comes to other opportunities in the company, the chances are that you will have a transferable skill set, particularly for procurement, operations and other forward facing roles.