Bro Pedr Fardd

Marley SolarTile®

ADRA, the largest social housing provider in North Wales, has collaborated with Marley on a new build project that deploys a solar PV solution on the roofscape. Key to its success was the spirit of teamwork that saw Marley support ADRA throughout the project’s journey.

All in the detail

Based in North Wales, ADRA is responsible for 6,800 properties and supports 15,000 local residents. Embarking on its own sustainability journey, the social housing provider needed an effective solar PV solution for the roofscapes of two new semi-detached properties constructed in Bro Pedr Fardd, Gwynedd.

A total of 12 Marley SolarTile® panels were specified across the two properties, with the objective behind the product choice, ensuring that the tenants would have access to a clean, sustainable, and cheap energy source to support their daily lives.

The need to decarbonise housing stock and create energy efficient, sustainable homes for the future is a vital element of the UK’s progress to net zero by 2050. With regulatory changes to building regulations under Part L now mandatory, those charged with delivering new homes are seeking practical and cost-effective ways to ensure compliance while building high performing homes.

Support from Marley

A critical factor in the successful installation of Marley’s SolarTile® was the close collaboration between ADRA and Marley from the outset.



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MarleyMarley Solartile installed on residential homes by ADRA Solartile installed on residential homes by ADRA
Debbie Culshaw, Area Sales Manager at Marley explains: “For the best implementation of a technology solution that is being specified for the first time as in the case with ADRA, it is important that support, guidance, and practical help is on hand. As such, Marley worked with the ADRA team on the initial specification and drawings. This entailed providing technical expertise on achieving the required power output from the solar panels and how this would translate into the final solar panel selection.”

Conscious that this would be a first for ADRA’s installation team, Marley has also provided practical help and training on site to support the installation phase, as Paul Painter, Assistant Director for Repairs and Maintenance from ADRA explains: “Aside from the technical support we enjoyed by working side by side with Marley on this exciting project, the fact that the assistance extended to having experts present to help guide our installation team on the day was extremely beneficial.

“From the beginning of the project, Marley has collaborated fully by lending their experience and technical knowledge to ensure the project’s success. From establishing the correct specification for the power output required, to delivering direct support when the panels were installed, has meant we had total confidence as the project has progressed.”

SolarTile® - seamless integration

From an installation perspective, innovative solutions such as Marley’s SolarTile® can be seamlessly integrated with any of the existing tiles on an existing roofscape, or on a new build, including concrete, clay, or slate, interlocking or plain, machine or hand made. This makes Marley SolarTile® an attractive and simple specification choice that supports the aims and ambitions of the Part L changes.

In the case of Bro Pedr Fardd project, the SolarTile® solution sits alongside the natural slate roof tiling as a fully integrated and aesthetically appealing solution. The versatility delivered by Marley SolarTile® ensures that it offers a sustainable and attractive result that can work with alternative roofing materials on differing projects.

Paul concluded: “ADRA is rolling out our own decarbonisation strategy and the specification of renewable energy system solutions such as solar PV will be instrumental in the delivery of sustainable and highly effective housing solutions for our tenants.

“Such has been the positive experience of the Bro Pedr Fardd installation, that we expect to apply such technologies to our other ongoing new build and refurbishment projects. Collaborating with experts such as Marley really does make a significant difference.” 

Marley Solartile installed on residential homes by ADRA