Hollinwood Business Park

Marley SolarTile®

Following a Marley CPD presentation that set out the installation and sustainability benefits of solar PV, the renewable technology solution has now been specified to help power a new commercial office project in Oldham.
Following the acquisition of planning permission, the Hollinwood Business Park, a former brown field site, will see seven new office buildings constructed, all in the style of cotton mills built in the 1800s.

The first of these buildings, Block G, has now been constructed and is benefitting from the installation of renewable solar PV technology to ensure the new business park can have a sustainable future in the decades ahead.

The project has seen the installation of 114 Marley SolarTile® panels on to the roof of a large building that forms part of the all-new Hollinwood Business Park in Oldham.

Marley’s SolarTile® solution was specified to provide access to a sustainable energy source that will help power the newly constructed site, helping to control energy costs and provide an additional attractive incentive to companies looking to relocate to the business park.

Dan Black, an Architectural Technologist from RG Partnership, commented: “When the project commenced, a feasibility study on solar photovoltaics was explored by the mechanical engineer but it wasn’t part of the planning application”.

However, following further discussions, the client further explored the feasibility and progressed to seeking planning permission for their inclusion.



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“Marley presented an online CPD on solar PV solutions covering its SolarTile® product. Not only was it perfect timing as we were looking for solar photovoltaic suppliers but had little success, but thanks to the informative content of the CPD, we were able to better understand the process of integrating SolarTile® with the proposed slate tile specified on the roof in a way that truly supported the overall aesthetic that we wanted to achieve.”

Following the CPD session, RG Partnership engaged Marley to see how SolarTile® could be effectively incorporated as Block G was already under construction with the roof works yet to commence.

Lydia Hunter, Area Sales Manager from Marley, added: “There were two key factors to the project which underpinned all the discussions. It was vital the solar PV solution could support the design aesthetic for the roofscape. The design had been influenced by the historic grandeur and style of the old cotton mill buildings while working seamlessly with the chosen dark slate tile. Secondly, the solution needed to achieve a target for kilowatt energy output to help provide the power required across the site.”

“On both counts, we were able to demonstrate the aesthetic and technical aspirations for the project could be achieved. We calculated that 114 solar tile panels would be the required amount for the output target and the panel layout was configured in such a way as to be visually appealing and integrated with the proposed slate tiles – a key objective throughout the planning process.”
Working alongside the project’s installation team, TB Electrics, Marley was able to provide onsite training and product support as required. In addition, Marley’s technical team also supplied a full design specification with all the details to support necessary SAP calculations, while adhering to the EPC ratings for the buildings.

The new building is nearing completion and fully adorned with Marley’s SolarTile®, sitting side by side with the stunning aesthetic of the natural slate roof that perfectly matches the surrounding vernacular.

Dan Black concluded: “Having the opportunity to learn about the benefits of solar PV through the Marley CPD along with the technical expertise and ongoing support, we have been able to incorporate a renewable technology roofing solution that looks seamless on this large-scale commercial project.

“From a sustainable construction perspective, it is important we continue to consider using photovoltaics on projects, both old and especially new build to address the challenges posed by climate change and increasing energy demands”. 
Marley solartile installed on larger commercial project