Red Lane

Solar | Riven Edgemere

Marrying new technology to a new build, Marley’s solar panels brought renewable power to this project in Disley.

All in the detail

TB Electrics were brought in to design a solar array for a new build project in Disley. The property was being extended and renovated, and the customer was looking for a solar panel solution that would provide the power and peace of mind they needed.

Harnessing renewable energy for a greener future
When looking at this extension and renovation project, sustainability was at the forefront of the homeowner's mind. They were looking for a solar panel system to generate sufficient energy to power their home and car.

With this in mind, the installers, TB Electrical, spoke to Marley.

“The thing that stood Marley apart from the competition was the full system guarantee,” said Louise Bennett, TB Electrics. “Having everything under one warranty gave them the peace of mind they were looking for.”

Working with roofing contractors, Neil Horton Roofing, the team at TB Electrics installed the solar panels.



  • Marley SolarTile | Riven Edgemere concrete interlocking slate 


  • Residential - New Build


  • Neil Horton Roofing | TB Electrics


  • Disley
Marley Solar panels being installed on residential project
“The installation went very smoothly,” said Louise. “Marley came and did some onsite training, working with our team to show them how to install the panels. It is such a simple system; the installation went without a hitch.

“We have also provided monitoring portals for the customer, so they can see how much electricity they are generating. The whole system provides enough energy to power the house, maintain battery levels for future electricity use, and return electricity to the National Grid.” 

“The Marley Solar Panel system was easy to install, and the full system guarantee gave the customer the peace of mind they wanted. The customer is delighted with the system.”