NEW! Traditional Clay Pantile

Our ground-breaking new tile rewrites the book on traditional clay pantiles!
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The story of pantiles

Since they were first shipped to the Easterly docks of the UK from the Netherlands hundreds of years ago, pantiles have been an iconic part of British roofing. Featuring heavily down the Eastern Seaboard, the beautiful flowing rolls of pantiles are a true icon of our roofing heritage. Yet hidden in the beauty of pantiles, it is recognised that the intensive and skilled workmanship required to install them, can escalate labour costs on roofing projects.

And that's why we are rewriting the book on clay pantiles!

With subtle yet significant design improvements to the tile, in Eden we have managed to offer a true traditional clay pantile that doesn't handle like one...

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                                                                        3 beautiful, traditional colours available - Rustic Red, Natural Red and Matt Black, to suit all types of application.

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"The Eden tile is a joy to lay and very consistently manufactured, but not so much that takes away the tiles character"

Matt Timby - Timby Traditional Roofing