Clay Bullnose Feature tile

Function and compatibility

  • Traditional feature tile
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Suitable for single camber, hand crafted and handmade tiles
  • Suitable for use with concrete plain tiles
Marley feature tiles should only be used with roof pitches of 70° and below, bands of feature tiles should be confined to a maximum of four courses. These bands must then be separated by a minimum of four courses of standard Plain Tiles. These measures are designed to reduce the risk of water ingress and wind uplift caused by the reduced tile head-lap inherent with these tiles.

Ridges, hips, valleys and verges are the most vulnerable points of any roof and therefore careful detailing in respect of feature tiles should be considered. It is advised that Feature bands of tiling should be avoided directly adjacent to Bonnet/Arris hips, valley tiles or verges. Feature tiles should terminate against a standard Plain Tile at least two tile widths away from detailing/fitting. To assist in maintaining a broken bond pattern Feature tiles are available in both standard tile and tile-and-a-half formats.

This fitting is available in the following colours:

cropped colour swatch feature tile

A bullnose tile, is a decorative feature tile to be used with Clay Plain format roofing tiles.

They are designed to add extra aesthetic to the roof and can be installed vertically. 

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