Clay Creasing tiles

Clay creasing tiles are often used with brickwork and stonework to add a decorative finish or to aid in damp proofing. These plain clay tiles have no nibs, holes or cambers and measure 165x265mm. They are provided with a Red Smooth finish and can add visual and textural contrast to a project.

  • Available in the colour: Red Smooth 


Because of their thin and smooth structure, clay creasing tiles are easy to cut. They are suitable for use as cappings and copings on cills, corbels, arches, quoins and chimneys but not for roofing applications.

Clay creasing tiles are durable, resistant to moisture absorption and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This makes them ideal for use as damp-proof courses, helping to prevent damp from rising through the walls of a building

More details...

  • Plain clay tile without nibs
  • Used for window sills, capping's and other decorative purposes 
  • No nibs, no holes, and no cambers
  • Not suitable for roofing installations

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