Our results for 2023

On the snapshot date of 4th April 2023, the Group's UK employees, relevant for gender pay reporting, amounted to 475 employees.

Gender pay gap

This reports the difference between the gross hourly earnings for all men and the gross hourly earnings for all women.

We are pleased to report that both the mean and median difference in hourly rate of pay for males and females is low in relation to the current national average.

Marley gender pay gap 2023

Gender balance

The table opposite shows the proportion of men and women in each of the four pay quartiles and the overall percentage split of male and female has stayed broadly the same. The proportion of men and women in each of the four pay quartiles is reflective of our company demographic where there is a significantly higher number of male employees, which is reflected in the lower share of females across the quartiles.

It is important to note that this does not reflect any inequality within our pay structures.
Marley gender balance figures 2023

Proportion receiving a bonus

The proportion of women and men receiving a bonus is broadly level overall.  
Marley gender proportion receiving a bonus 2023
We are committed to continuously reviewing and assessing the levels of gender equality in Marley, the balance of male and female employees at the different levels, and how effectively we are maximising and rewarding talent.

I confirm that the information contained in the gender pay gap report dated 4th April 2023 is accurate.

Matt Pullen
Chief Executive Officer