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The Roofer's Guide to Part L & Solar PV

Everything you need to know about how you can make solar work for your business, can be found in this handy 'roofer's guide to Part L & solar' guide.

Here we go into more detail on the Part L changes and why that will drive increased solar opportunities for roofing businesses. discuss how MCS approved installers can benefit, and even look at a real life case study of how a roofing company has grown profits on the back of upskilling their workforce to incorporate solar in their roofing service package. 

What is Part L of the Building Regulations? 

Part L is a building regulation that covers the ' Conservation of Fuel and Power' concerning both new construction projects and some refurbishment work, for dwellings and other buildings in England. 

It sets the standard for current and future energy performance and carbon emissions, which for the UK are a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, with any energy produced by fossil fuel offset by renewable resources. 

With the changes enforced on June 15th, 2022, with a second update to deliver the Future Homes Standard by 2025, it is important that roofing contractors know what Part L means for them and how to fully prepare to make the most of the changes. 

solar tiles on a roof
Solar panel on completed roof

How will Part L change things?

Part L forces the construction industry to look at alternative ways of doing things, in order to meet the stringent targets set out in the updated Building Regulations.

Although there are a number of ways that these targets can be met, currently one of the most cost-effective ways is by utilizing a combination of an efficient gas boiler along with a solar photovoltaics (PV) system on the roof. Almost 1 million UK homes have already gone solar, and levels of public support are high, so it is likely that solar power will significantly contribute to the UK's reliable green energy resource.

What do the changes mean for my roofing business?

For those roofing contractors who are prepared, Part L could be very positive! There will likely be an increased demand for roofing contractors who can install solar systems - providing some great opportunities, such as increased profit margins and no tendering restrictions since all aspects of a roof - both solar and non-solar can be completed.

However, contractors not incorporating solar may get left behind - earning potential may decrease as they are unable to complete a full roof and may not even be considered at tendering stage at all.

installation of solar panels
solar panels on completed roof

Making the most of the opportunity

Solar Energy UK predicts that Part L - which requires new homes to produce 31% less carbon emissions - could lead to a five-fold increase in new homes incorporating solar technology. This represents a significant opportunity to roofing contractors who are willing to build upon their experience and upskill their workforce to fit solar systems.

There's lots of support out there for roofers - from help & advice and training to financial support in securing the required qualifications - now is the time to make the most of the forthcoming opportunity!

What Solar training does Marley offer?

Our new Solar Training presentation aims to provide roofers with the information surrounding legislation changes, as well as Marley SolarTile® roof systems, to help them thrive from solar roofing opportunities. 

  • Understanding Part L 
  • How Part L affects YOUR business
  • The future is solar roofing
  • How Solar (PV) works
  • What MCS accreditation means for YOU
  • Installing Marley SolarTile®

In addition, for roofing contractors purchasing the full Marley SolarTile® system, Marley is offering invaluable on-site installation training (for the first installation) to ensure customers maximise the opportunity presented by solar energy. Our free training sessions are designed to increase confidence in installation and help you make the most of the solar PV opportunities.

roofer installing solar panels
Roofer installing flashing on solar panels

What is MCS and how can it benefit my business?

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) covers installations of solar PV systems. Becoming accredited means that roofers are able to undertake all aspects of roofing work, including the installation of solar panels, without need for external certification. Although, the electrical connection will still need to be completed by a qualified electrician, MCS accreditation can help keep the control of the roofing job in the hands of the roofer. 

The Part L changes open up many more great business opportunities for roofers. To apply, you will need to get the appropriate training for solar PV installations and apply to a certification body to arrange assessment. In addition, as part of our 'Supporting The Roofer' initiative, all roofing businesses can claim a £50 discount on their MCS application via a collaboration with NAPIT.

Learn more about the Marley SolarTile® Roof System

Marley's integrated SolarTile® is compatible with all clay and concrete tiles, natural and fibre cement slates, so solar PV can easily be incorporated into any roof design.

Supplied as a complete kit, all components, such as adhesive flashing and fireproofing materials are included and, featuring double fixing to battens and trusses, there's no need for counter battens so there's no extra material costs. Coming in colour-coded boxes for ease of installation, the patented push-together design means that installation times of less that one hour per kilowatt peak can be achieved.

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