Continuous Dry Verge

  • Tough and durable
  • Weathertight 
  • Creates a continuous clean verge detail
  • Meets BS5534 and BS8612 requirements
  • Meets NHBC guidelines

Key benefits

Key benefits

Use Marley’s continuous dry verge to create a continuous and clean dry verge detail and an aesthetically pleasing finish to gable ends on your next roofing project. This weathertight system ensures water cannot penetrate, providing an enhanced level of protection for all your roofs. As well as being weatherproof, strong and durable, the dry verge is also maintenance-free.

Choose your colour

We provide a choice of three colours (Grey, Brown and Terracotta) so you can choose the option that best matches your design.

Use with a range of tiles

For your convenience, you can also use the continuous dry verge with a wide range of Marley tiles, including:

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