Pitched roof systems - what are they and how can they help you?

When you think about ‘roof systems’, often the first thing that comes to mind is a flat roofing, or waterproofing product. Yet, the term is becoming much more widely used in pitched roofing, as we start to see a shift away from buying tiles and accessories separately, and instead move towards complete systems that reduce risk in the face of increasingly volatile weather and stricter British Standards.

But what is a pitched roof system and are there any advantages over buying all the individual roof elements separately? Here we answer some common questions about roof systems:

1. What is included in a full pitched roof system?

It depends on which roof system you are using. There are different types available on the market – the first is a roof system which comes from one supplier but includes products from different manufacturers, or the second option is a full roof system from one manufacturer.

Roof systems from a single manufacturer have been around for a number of years but until recently, they all tended to include the same number of products. Now, there are far more comprehensive versions available and the Marley roof system contains more critical roofing elements than any other on the market. It includes choice of roof tiles, JB Red battens, integrated solar panels, breathable or non-breathable underlay, ventilation products, roof defence, fixings and dry fix accessories.

2. Is there any benefit to using a full roof system from one manufacturer?

Using a single source roof system, like ours, helps you to reduce risk and protect your reputation because all products have been tested individually and together as a system, to meet BS 5534 and BS 8612 requirements. Sourcing all the parts from one manufacturer also guarantees compatibility and ensures all the components work seamlessly together – this not only makes installation quicker and easier, but it reduces the risk of call backs to repair faults.  

Yet, for many contractors, the most attractive thing about using this type of roof system is the associated warranty. Our roof system comes with a 15-year guarantee, which gives both you and your customer peace of mind that if there ever is an issue, you are covered. As consumers become more aware of quality standards, having this type of warranty can be a good sales tool for the contractor to use.

3. Are they expensive?

Although it may not at first appear to be the cheapest option, the difference on the overall cost of the roof is minimal. However, the benefits of using a single source roof system, particularly the associated warranty, can deliver far more value in the long term.

Buying a variety of roofing products from different suppliers may initially keep costs down, but they may not necessarily be designed and tested to work together, or the quality of roofing battens and accessories could be inferior or non-compliant. This can lead to faults that have to be rectified at the contractor’s cost – both financial and reputational.  

Our roof system protects you from this risk because it is guaranteed to be high quality, compliant and compatible, with a free 15-year warranty in the unlikely event of a fault.

4. How do I get a system warranty?

Getting our 15-year system warranty is easy. First of all, you need to make us aware that you intend to obtain a system guarantee and we will help you through the process to obtain a full National Building Specification (NBS) and fixing specification for your project. This can be sourced via our Technical Team or using our online self-service tools. Once this is done, you need to buy and install a complete Marley roof system, which includes battens, underlay, roof covering (tiles), fittings, fixings and accessories. Once notified of completion, we will then issue the guarantee for the property, which you can keep or pass to the homeowner, giving reassurance about the durability of the roof and contact information should anything go wrong.

5. What happens if I need to make a roofing claim?

The good news is that with the roof system guarantee, if there is a claim, our technical experts will go out and investigate it for you. So, if the customer notices a roof leak, or damage to any part of the roof, we will investigate the problem. This means you only have one supplier to deal with and removes the hassle for you and your customer.