Frequently asked questions on Solar

Are all solar panels photovoltaic?

No, not all Solar energy panels are photovoltaic. Photovoltaic Solar Panels are one of two types of electric solar panels, the other being solar thermal panels. Whilst both types of solar panels produce energy, photovoltaic panels (pv) produce specifically electricity, which is what ultimately classifies an electric solar panel as photovoltaic.

How does a PV system work?

Pv systems, or, photovoltaic systems, work by converting solar energy derived from sunlight into electricity through the use of photovoltaic cells. This process takes place inside of pv solar panels.

Marley solar panels being installed on residential project with Doncaster Council

Is solar Photovoltaic energy renewable?

Yes, solar photovoltaic energy is renewable as it uses the sun as a renewable energy source. Photovoltaic energy is converted from solar energy inside solar photovoltaic panels which convert the sun’s light into electricity. As sunlight is a renewable energy source, solar photovoltaic energy is also renewable.

How does Photovoltaic work?

Photovoltaic cells, or pv cells, work by harnessing photons present in sunlight, which are then used to affect electrons contained inside the pv cells and create an electronic charge. They usually work collectively, usually being strung together across an array to create a larger output.

How do solar roof tiles work?

Solar roof tiles replace regular roofing tiles with solar tiles, these are in effect solar panels that are able to use photovoltaic cells in order to convert sunlight into electricity. Marley solar roof tiles are uniquely effective in their use of solar tiles for roofs, with a host of features that make them more efficient than regular solar panel roof tiles.

How much do solar tiles cost?

The price of solar roof tiles varies considerably depending upon the size of your solar panel roof tiles and the shape of your house itself. A larger solar tile system produces more energy but also costs more. Marley solar tiles are supplied across the UK. For more information on potential costs use our solar configurator tool.

solar panels on a house

A little bit more more on Solar...

Marley SolarTile® can be used as a fully integrated element of our comprehensive roof system.

This brings with it all the benefits of broad design scope, simple, fast installation with long life, high-performance outcomes, a 15 year guarantee, and now added to all that, visually appealing, renewable energy options.