Myth: Solar panels make it harder to sell a home

We’ve heard all sorts of variations of this myth, from solar panels causing glare or being ugly, to some people just not wanting to buy a home with solar panels.
While appearance issues may have once been a concern, modern solar systems such as Marley SolarTile® are attractive and unobtrusive. Plus, solar panels have become much more common, and people are now used to seeing them – it’s not a surprise to see a home with solar panels on it like it might have been 10 or 15 years ago.

In fact, with rising energy costs and people being increasingly concerned about their carbon footprints, solar panels are now seen as a bonus when buying a home and research indicates that houses with solar panels tend to sell faster than those without.

Research carried out by Solar Energy UK shows that a solar installation on a typical UK home can increase its value by around £2,000. It can also reduce running costs by more than £300 per year over the lifespan of the system. These numbers are based on electricity prices from Spring 2021 and Solar Energy UK notes that the comparative savings have gone up significantly with the increase in energy prices. 

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