Myth: The whole roof must be covered in solar panels

The number of solar tiles required will depend on your household energy use, as well as the location of your home and the roof orientation. But there is no need to cover an entire roof with solar panels.

A good way to estimate how many solar panels you should have is to look at your current electricity usage and calculate how many solar panels are needed to meet that demand.

Roughly speaking, a small solar system will produce around 1.25kW of electricity – that can be achieved with just four Marley SolarTiles®, which measure 1000x1686mm. A mid-sized solar system will produce about 2.5kW, and a large system will produce around 4kW – or eight and 12 Marley SolarTiles®, respectively. 

For more accurate calculations, please get in touch with a member of the Marley technical team, and we’ll be happy to help you configure the best system for your requirements.

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