What size solar roof tiles do I need?

When specifying solar roof tiles, it’s not the dimensions of the individual tiles that matters. Instead, you should consider how many solar panels you need in the solar array - and the answer will depend on the specific energy requirements and the output of the solar tiles.

Individual Marley SolarTile® panels measure 992x1640mm. They can be easily combined, using the patented push-fit technology, to create solar arrays of varying shapes and sizes within the limits of the dimensions outlined. Three options are available, offering varying aesthetics and energy outputs: 

  • Monocrystalline-black solar roof tiles have a deep black colour and can provide outputs of either 300 or 320Wp.
  • Polycrystalline-black solar panels have a slightly blue tone and offer an output of 270Wp. 

Calculating solar array sizes

According to data from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the average UK home uses 3,600kWh of electricity per year. Based on this number alone, a home would need around 16 solar panels.

There are, however, more factors to take into consideration when determining the size of a solar array - from the size of the house and how many people will live there to the location and how many hours of sunshine can be expected per day. There’s also the question of whether the solar array is to provide all of the electricity for the home, or just a portion of it.

For help calculating the right size roof-integrated solar array for your project, contact the technical team at Marley.