What is the lifespan of fibre cement weatherboard?

With a typical lifespan of 50 years, fibre cement cladding is the ideal way to enhance the weatherproofing and durability of a building as well as giving the exterior an attractive finish.

Requiring just occasional maintenance, a façade fitted with fibre cement weatherboards can be expected to last for at least 50 years and offers several benefits over timber. As timber ages, it can absorb moisture causing it to swell which often leads to cracking or splitting. Fibre cement doesn’t deform in the same way and there’s no need for regular refurbishing. Being resistant to rot means fibre cement weatherboards are unaffected by rain and damp conditions.

Fibre cement weatherboards are also resistant to insect and rodent attack and do not degrade or fade over time through the effect of UV radiation unlike timber alternatives.

Maintaining a fibre cement weatherboard façade

Maintaining fibre cement cladding is a straight forward process and involves keeping the façade free of vegetation, cleaning the vents with a brush and giving them an occasional wash with soap and water to preserve their stunning finish.

When looking to specify a high-quality, external cladding façade to enhance the weather tightness and visual appeal of a building, fibre cement weatherboard cladding makes a great choice and provides an attractive and durable finish, helping to provide long-term protection to your investment.

H2 - Marley fibre cement weatherboards
If you’re looking for a low maintenance, long lasting, durable and attractive exterior finish for your next residential project, Marley fibre cement weatherboards, which are produced in a range of colours and fittings, make the ideal choice. For more information about our weatherboard range visit our dedicated page and download our brochure or contact our team.