What maintenance is required for fibre cement weatherboards?

Fibre cement weatherboards require minimal maintenance, with an occasional clean required to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed.

As with all tasks, thorough preparation will ensure the best result before cleaning weatherboards. Any plant matter such as trees and bushes that are in contact with the façade should be carefully removed. Next, the removal of any dust and debris from the façade vents using a brush, in particular around window and door frames, should be undertaken. Thoroughly Inspect the façade, checking for damaged or loose boards, which should be secured if still in good condition, or replaced if damaged beyond repair.

Finally mix some water with household soft soap and wipe the surface of the cladding with a cloth or soft brush. After wiping, just rinse off the soap with clean water to bring your cladding back to looking fresh and clean. Stubborn marks can usually be removed simply by soaking the area for a few minutes then repeating the cleaning process.

Phillip Wallis, technical manager at Marley, adds. “It should be noted that if the cladding is elevated above ground level and out of reach. You must take extreme care working at heights by taking every precaution possible to ensure that you are cleaning in the safest environment possible. If you feel that your safety cannot be completely ensured, we recommend halting any works planned and contacting a specialist to complete the works on your behalf.’

Marley fibre cement weatherboards

At Marley we pride ourselves on bringing products to the market that offer design flexibility, excellent performance and the help needed to support those products from specification through to maintenance. The new Marley Weatherboard range incorporates all the required colour-matched trims and fixing components to offer you a complete, premium fibre cement cladding solution. For more information about our weatherboard range visit our dedicated page and download our brochure or contact our team.