Why is fibre cement a good choice for cladding?

Fibre cement weatherboards make a great choice for cladding for the following 6 reasons.

Ease of installation – Installing fibre cement weatherboard cladding is straight forward. The boards are simply fixed using nails or screws onto timber battens which have been secured to the backing wall.

Excellent weather resistance – Fibre cement weatherboards can easily withstand storms and cold weather, unlike timber which may rot, swell, or shrink, leading to peeling paint and other potential problems. Fibre cement weatherboarding is resistant to rot, as opposed to timber which is likely to degrade over time.

Cost-effectiveness – Fibre cement cladding may cost a little more than timber but the lower maintenance cost with no need for repainting and preservation usually makes it a more cost-effective choice over the life of the cladding.

Visual appeal – Fibre cement weatherboards cladding can be produced with a realistic wood-grain finish giving you all the benefits of fibre cement, with the visual appeal of timber.

Improved fire performance – Fibre cement weatherboarding can achieve up to a Class A fire rating, which means it will not ignite when exposed to a direct flame or extreme heat. Timber cladding, however, typically achieves Class B or C fire ratings, depending on the timber treatments used.

Simple maintenance – Requiring only a wash with soap and water to maintain its finish, fibre cement weatherboards make a great choice for use on residential and commercial buildings.

Marley’s range of fibre cement weatherboards

Marley weatherboards are supplied in a range of colours and are a fantastic way to enhance the look of a building exterior, giving new life to an old property or really making a new build stand out. Our weatherboards are produced in 200mm width which helps to speed up the installation process. With fire safety being of paramount importance, it’s good to know that Marley weatherboards achieve industry leading fire performance with a rating of A2-s1, d0.

For more information about our weatherboard range visit our dedicated page and download our brochure or contact our team.