Cement and Timber Supply

Minimising our environmental impact through responsible sourcing 

We select timber, used for our decking, battens and shingles, from FSC- & PEFC-managed forests, this guarantees that the wood used can be traced back to responsible forestry. 
Cement suppliers are chosen for their proximity to our factories in order to minimise transport distances. 

The timber used in our pallets is selected from FSC managed forests and, wherever possible, recyclable cardboard and plastics are used for banding, interleaves, bags, and boxes. Responsible sourcing is of ever-growing importance to our industry, gaining more and more attention from our customers. The long-term strategy for sustainable construction is to replace as many construction products as possible to responsibly sourced products. 

We are continuously assessing our material and product sourcing, and carry out annual audits to ensure we are being as responsible as possible and always strive to achieve ‘Excellent’ rating for all our products.