Marley's Environmental Policy

Environmental policy and carbon reduction 

Managing our activities to minimise the environmental impact. 
We manage all our activities to minimise environmental impact by adopting good, sustainable practice at every level of business. 
We recognise the benefits of continual improvement in product/ service quality and environmental performance, taking into account technological and financial constraints. 
The board of Marley is fully committed to meeting our customer requirements with regards to product and service quality, whilst recognising the impact the company's activities can have upon the environment. Therefore, we manage all our activities to minimise the environmental impact by adopting good sustainable practice.  

Carbon reduction 

As a major company in the construction industry, we recognise the impact that our business has on the environment. 
We also understand and share the concerns of our stakeholders about the need to reduce carbon emissions from construction activities. The board of Marley has set out its objective to reduce the effect of carbon emissions due to its activities in a ‘carbon commitment’ document, which confirms to our customers our aim is to provide high-quality cost-effective products with the lowest carbon impact, making Marley the supplier of choice for low carbon roofing and cladding materials. 

We are proud to have a long-standing commitment to measuring our environmental performance, which has seen Marley achieve many industry-firsts, including: 

  • 'Green guide' environmental profiles from the BRE 
  • The industry leading Ecologic tile 
  • Also, we were one of the first manufacturers to be awarded BES 6001: Responsible Sourcing.


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