Roof Tile Estimating 

Training course

Training to help you acquire the knowledge you need to produce estimates for your customers.

Who's it for? 

Designed primarily for staff working for companies who stock Marley roofing products.

What's it about?

An in-depth look at estimating for a range of applications. Ideally, delegates will already have some knowledge of pitched roofing and the Marley product range. 

How long does it last?

3.5 hours through Teams

Maximum number of delegates? 

6 delegates

What will I learn?

By the end of the day you will have: 

  • Become more familiar with pitched roofing terminology
  • Examined different pitched roof shapes and structures
  • Drawn roof shapes and structures from different perspectives
  • Calculated roof dimensions, areas and tile quantities
  • Calculated quantities of components for Marley dry fix and ventilation systems
  • Completed a number of working estimates

"The course was excellent and really useful, I learnt a lot and instantly applied what I learnt by doing a take-off for a customer." Nick - AJW Distribution 

Cheswick Place using Marley Edgemere

We are currently unable to offer face to face training at our Burton training centre. If you are interested in attending a course or in a remote training session, please get in touch via the course pages below, and we will let you know once our courses become available.

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