Winter Campaign

  • Make sure you are wearing the right PPE and extra clothing suitable for the job and the weather conditions. This usually involves using several layers of clothing, as well as waterproofs or wind resistant fabrics where necessary.

  • Wear gloves when fine manual dexterity is not required and the temperature drops below 4°C.

  • Cold weather increases the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome, so keep your hands and arms warm when using vibratory equipment such as drills, nails guns and even hand tools, such as hammers.

  • Choose hats that work with safety headgear and don't compromise any eye or hearing protection.

  • Be aware of the symptoms of cold exposure – heavy shivering, uncomfortable coldness, numbness, aching, severe fatigue, confusion, drowsiness and/or euphoria.

  • With reduced daylight hours, visibility can be a problem, so wear reflective PPE.

  • Take breaks in heated areas and drink plenty of fluids, including water and warm beverages.

  • Report any hazardous areas to the site manager and do not put yourself at risk just to complete a job.

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