FlexFast Lead Replacement Roll


  • Cost effective compared to lead
  • No likelihood of theft
  • Lighter and easier to use than lead
  • No need for specialist lead installers
  • Flexible and stretchable, with up to 60% elasticity
  • Strong, adhesive butyl backing
  • Can be cut easily with a knife or scissors
  • Moulds to contours of the roof and walls with just your hands for a permanent watertight flashing


Flexfast is a high performance four layer aluminium flashing roll, with excellent adhesion, flexibility and durability making it an ideal replacement to lead for all pitched roofing applications on new build and refurbishment projects.

Function & Compatibility

  • All wall abutments
  • Chimney flashings
  • Dormer flashings
  • Around roof windows
  • Solar panels
Technical data

Length                              5m rolls

Width                                300mm, 450mm

Weight                              300mm - 3.3kg per roll

                                         450mm - 6.4kg per roll

Colour                              Umbra Grey RAL 7022

Surface finish                   Texture creped aluminium sheet

Flexibility                          Longitudial > 60%

Reinforcement                   Aluminium mesh grid

Adhesive                            UV stabilized and ageing resistant butyl

                                           Thickness - 2 x 0.6mm

                                           Width: 295 / 445mm

                                           Liner: Film with overlap in the centre

Installation temperature     +5° to +40°C

Temperature resistance     -30°C to +80°C

Ageing resistance               > 10 years

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