AJ Small Projects Winner 2021

Waiting Room, Hargeisa Town Hall

Rashid Ali Architects, Somaliland

The small veranda sits in front of a building functioning as the city administration’s land registry office; it was designed to double up as a waiting area and social space for visitors and staff. The project introduces unfamiliar materials and construction techniques to the area as it is the first structure made entirely out of timber in Hargeisa. It was built quickly using prefabricated components and is formed out of a series of timber frames, exposed structurally, which can be disassembled for re-use in the future. Timber mullions facing a courtyard are lined with opaline polycarbonate to diffuse direct sunlight, while the short sides of the scheme are left open. The whole structure is elevated off the ground with concrete blocks to prevent storm water damage.

The scheme was constructed by Rashid Ali Architects with a local carpenter and students of the Abaarso Tech University School of Architecture.

Waiting Room Image 2 Waiting Room Image 2 Hargeisa Town Hall Waiting Room
Waiting Room Image
Waiting Room Rashid Ali Architects
Waiting Room Drawing Rashid Ali Architects

AJ Small Projects Sustainability Winner 2021

Block West

Automated Architecture (AUAR), Bristol

Block West is a temporary structure with an associated public programme. Consisting of 145 plywood timber blocks made of CNC-cut sheets, it was assembled by a team of local residents in 10 days for use as an outdoor community hub, art activities and events.

It is part of an arts-led initiative enabling residents to gain skills in designing the kinds of spaces they need. This included workshops exploring new digital tools. The project was a collaboration between AUAR Labs (UCL), Knowle West Media Centre, social scientist Claire McAndrew and residents of Knowle West, Bristol.

Block West uses AUAR’s modular building system Block Type A, which can be assembled and reassembled adaptably. With its prefabrication and assembly requiring few specialised tools or expertise, the project created 25 part-time jobs in the local community during its run. RGW

Block West Block West Image 2 Block West Image Automated Architecture Block West Drawing Automated Architecture
Block West Image Architecture
Block West Image

AJ Small Projects Shortlist 2021

In total 20 projects were shortlisted for the awards and we've chosen a selection of images for each project, showcasing the diversity, range, and detailing across each of them.

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