AJ Small Projects from the past

Over the past 27 years, the AJ Small Projects Awards has showcased some of the most fascinating small projects, highlighting fastidious design details that enable buildings to engage with their users on a whole new level. Take a look to see what inspired these architects on their small project journeys.

AJ Small Projects 2021 winner

Hargesia Town Hall Waiting Room by Rashid Ali Architects.

A small veranda outside of an administration office, acting as both a waiting area and social space, with an entirely timber structure.

AJ Small Projects Sustainability 2021 winner

Block West by Automated Architecture (AUAR).

An outdoor community hub constructed as a temporary prefabricated structure to house art activities and events.

Waiting Room Image

AJ Small Projects 2020 winner

A House in North Wales by Martin Edwards Architects.

A retrofit and extension to an existing 19th-century property, providing improved accessibility for the homeowners changing requirements, making the home completely accessible by wheelchair. Find out more about the project.

AJ Small Projects Sustainability 2020 winner

The CASS Studio by CASS School of Architecture.

Designed and built by students, the CASS Studio is an exemplar of low embodied energy design, with a highly flexible studio space, that can be built anywhere. 

AJ Small Projects 2020 Shortlisted Project - House in North Wales

AJ Small Projects 2019 winner

The Conservatory Room by David Leech Architects.

The project brings the outside in using distinctive features, including marble tile flooring and columns protruding to hold the cross joist ceiling structure, which continues from the conservatory into the garden.

AJ Small Project Winner 2019

AJ Small Projects 2018 winner
Wrong House by Matheson Whiteley.

Take a look around inside Matheson Whiteley's £93,000 Hackney extension.

Three small projects

The AJ revisits three previous AJ Small Projects winners; Meredith Bowles, Laura Dewe Matthews and Kate Darby discuss the enduring appeal of small-scale architecture.

AJ Small Projects 2023