AJ Student Prize 2019

Now in its second year, the AJ Student Prize provides a unique platform to showcase the next generation of talent, from architectural schools across the UK.

As a founding partner, Marley believes in recognising and celebrating some of the best upcoming student talent from UK universities.

This is the second year of the AJ Student Prize, where every RIBA-accredited school in the UK is invited to select their top student project in the undergraduate category, postgraduate category and new for this year – the sustainability award. With a fantastic response, each of the 51 schools have taken part, totalling 93 entries, including 37 for the sustainability award.

As a new category, we’ve decided to showcase the work of the students who have been shortlisted in the sustainability category. Take a look below.


We would like to congratulate the students and universities who have made the shortlist, and look forward to meeting the winners at the awards ceremony in September.

AJ Student Prize logo AJ Post Grad Winner Image 5

RedSands Plastics

Since the recent bans on waste plastic exports to Asia, the UK's recycling infrastructure has come under huge strain with much of our waste plastic now going into landfill and subsequently ending up in the rivers and oceans.

RedSands Plastics aims to stop this.

RedSands Plastics 1
RedSands Plastics 9
RedSands Plastics 5
RedSands Plastics 4



Charles Smith - Postgraduate
De Monfort University - Leicester School of Architecture

RedSands Plastics 2


Co-Colour proposes the establishment of a community-run natural dyeing facility in Carclaze Pit, part of Cornwall's post-industrial clay-mining landscape


Co-Colour project AJ Student Prize 5
Co-Colour project AJ Student Prize 9 Co-Colour project AJ Student Prize
Co-Colour project AJ Student Prize 10 Co-Colour project AJ Student Prize 6

Nina Jones - Undergraduate
Falmouth University - School of Architecture, Design & Interiors



Kilns across Antwerp's Ringland

The Ringland project attempts to provide a solution, moving the motorway underground and covering the tunnel with a green canopy
Glasgow nominee AJ Student Prize 2
Glasgow nominee AJ Student Prize 7 Glasgow nominee AJ Student Prize 5

Hannah Dawood - Postgraduate
Glasgow School of Art - The Mackintosh School of Architecture

Glasgow nominee AJ Student Prize 4 Glasgow nominee AJ Student Prize 8

A Mayfield Depot

The project challenges current developer proposals for a 'pedestrian-friendly, car-free area' on the Mayfield Depot site in Manchester.

Mayfield Depot 7
Mayfield Depot 1 Mayfield Depot 6

Howard Kent - Undergraduate
Leeds Beckett University - School of Art, Architecture and Design



Mayfield Depot 10 Mayfield Depot 4

Bricklayers' Arms Consolidation Centre

This project seeks to redefine the Consolidation Centre as a vital part of our architectural and social vocabulary, akin to the great Victorian structures of industry and transport.
Bricklayer's Arms Consolidation Centre 2
Bricklayer's Arms Consolidation Centre 3 Bricklayer's Arms Consolidation Centre 5
Bricklayer's Arms Consolidation Centre 1 Bricklayer's Arms Consolidation Centre 7

Robert Buss - Postgraduate
London School of Architecture - Affiliated to London Metropolitan University



Brasilia of the North: A School For Future Construction Methods

This proposal suggests a further education building on Newcastle College's campus to house both traditional and non-traditional learning spaces.
Brasilia of the North a School for future construction methods 1
Brasilia of the North a School for future construction methods 2 Brasilia of the North a School for future construction methods 5
Brasilia of the North a School for future construction methods 3 Brasilia of the North a School for future construction methods 8

Sam Walton - Undergraduate
Sheffield Hallam University - Department of the Natural and Built Environment




Growtown suggests that the city of Detroit provides an ideal site for implementing an intensive, technology-driven densification of farmland, following after the Dutch model, which offers a way to maximise yields while saving the existing landscape through the implementation of cutting-edge production technologies.
Growtown 2
Growtown 4 Growtown 5
Growtown 6 Growtown 3

Morgan Hone - Postgraduate
University for the Creative Arts - Canterbury School of Architecture



The Retention Centre

The Retention Centre was developed as a political response to treatment of migrants entering Europe.
The Retention Centre 3
The Retention Centre 10 The Retention Centre 8
The Retention Centre 1 The Retention Centre 2

Tobias Mackrill, Thomas Cunningham - Postgraduate
University of Sheffield - Sheffield School of Architecture