Blended learning

Getting to grips with architecture in practice gives students a feel for the world beyond study. 

Working with selected universities across the UK, students in years 1 and 2 are invited to local Marley factories to experience the sights and sounds of the roofing process and get to grips with how and why we design roofs the way we do.

Take a look below at how we turn theory into practice.

Factory tour

In among the hubbub of the factory floor, students get to see first-hand how roofing tiles are made. Whether concrete or clay, machine or handmade, the processes are varied and unique, offering practical insights into how and why these materials exist and the complexity that lies behind their simple exterior.

Following the process from raw material to finish product is a fascinating experience and sets the scene for getting hands-on with the product. 

Student Factory Tour Burton
Student Factory Tour


It's not as simple as it seems. How to lay tiles, how they join, why we use different components and the benefits of a fully integrated roof system. The roof is a critical structure in any building, so students need to understand how and why it's construction and installation should form part of their design considerations. 

Giving students the chance to build and lay roofs and ask probing questions, opens up new insights and learning that can't be achieved in the classroom.

Student Demonstration

Teaching the foundations

Student Learning

Back in the classroom, it's time to go over key considerations. Wind, rain, topography, vernacular, fire, ventilation...the list goes on. Here we cover the essentials in roof building to give students insight into the legislative framework that they'll operate within.

Getting a feel for products and the way they work together, help to open up students' understanding for when they return to University.

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