AJ Student Prize 2023

Now in its sixth year, the AJ Student Prize provides a unique platform to showcase the next generation of talent, from architectural schools across the UK.

Every RIBA-accredited UK school is invited to select their top student's project in the undergraduate and postgraduate category, as well as the sustainability award, designed to raise the importance of integrating sustainable design into the foundation of architecture.

As founding partner, Marley believes in recognising and celebrating some of the best upcoming student talent from UK universities.

The Prize is an extension to the ways we already work alongside AJ and the universities across the country to support the thousands of architectural students who train here.  

AJ student prize 2023 banner

AJ Student Prize | 2023 winners

postgraduate award winner for aj student prize 2023

Mehul Ashok Jethwa

Postgraduate Award Winner

De Montfort University

Project: Resilient Horizons: Safeguarding Suffolk's Historic Coastal Villages from Climate Change

Arada Chitmeesilp

Undergraduate Award Winner

University of Edinburgh

Project: Zero-Kilometre: Leith Urban Croft Food Hub

undergraduate award winner for aj student prize 2023
sustainability award winner for aj student prize 2023

Shan Wei Chew

Sustainability Award Winner

University of Bath

Project: Udaipur Plastic School

AJ Student Prize | 2022 winners

AJ Student Prize Postgraduate winner Yousuf Khalil

Yousuf Khalil

Postgraduate Award Winner

University of Cambridge 

Project: Urban Canopies

Joe Russell

Undergraduate Award Winner

The Bartlett

Project: Tightening the Green Belt

AJ Student Prize awards evening 2022
AJ Student Prize awards evening 2022

Elle Thompson (left) & Ali Francis (right)

Sustainability Award Winner

University of Sheffield 

Project: Re-housing Manchester 

AJ Student Prize | 2021 winners

In what's been a trying time for many students, we're delighted to help celebrate this year's AJ Student Prize award winners and those students whose work was highly commended.

Oliver Skelton
Undergraduate Award winner 

Architecture student, University of Nottingham

Project: Making Do

"The judges felt this project has a strong social agenda and thought the narrative around grass roots development should be celebrated"

AJ Student prize winner
AJ student prize finalist Fran's work
Francesca Tattersall

Postgraduate Award winner 

Architecture student, London Metropolitan University 

Project: Rigorous Simplification: Self Build

"The judges felt that this technically led project was fantastic as a comprehensive proposal for self-build. Its standout feature was its leanness and attention to detail."
Daniel Pope

Sustainability Award winner 

Architecture student, Bartlett School of Architecture

Project: The Earthen Land Registry

"Judges described this project as both ‘provocative and brilliant’. They praised the scheme for being courageous and for how its robust process has been represented, stating that it is a necessary part of the innovation to step out of one’s comfort zone."

AJ student prize winner Dan Pope
AJ student prize winner Olly Rash

Oliver Rash

Highly Commended winner

Architecture student, Oxford Brookes University

Project: The Mechanically Powered Brewer, Norwich

"Judges described this project as very poetic and really enjoyed the atmospheric images and impressive range of imagery that Olly had put together"

AJ Student Prize | 2020 winners

Eugenia Kakli
Undergraduate Award winner 

Architecture student, University of Strathclyde

Project: St. Mary's Shelters
AJ Student Prize Undergraduate Award Winner 2020
AJ Student Prize Postgraduate Award Winner 2020

Shawn Adams

Postgraduate Award winner 


Architecture student, Royal College of Art

Project: Plinths and Tapestry

Sharil Bin Tengku Abdul Kadir

Sustainability Award winner 


Architecture student, University College London

Project: One Tree Manual - Towards a better timber architecture
AJ Student Prize Sustainability Award Winner 2020

AJ Student Prize | 2019 winners

AJ Student Prize Undergrad Award Winner 2019

Tatiana Light
Undergraduate Award winner 

Architecture student, Cardiff University
Project: The Town Architect

"Tatiana's project is simultaneously heroic and understated. It subverts the language of conservation and planning to create new spatial possibilities and complexities. It presents a new way of working as an architect, opportunistic rather than reactionary; a project that is contextually in tune, but unapologetic in its departure from conventions." 

Michael Corr, Tutor.

Courtnay Ives & Yiting Zhou
Postgraduate Award winners 

MArch, University of Manchester
Project: Rochdale Bath House

"Courtnay and Yiting have used their complementary skills and abilities to explore and explain every architectural solution in rich, rigorous detail. Their work epitomised the sensitive, creative application of architectural intervention within a historic setting." 

Sally Stone, Tutor.
AJ Student Prize Postgrad Award Winner 2019
AJ Student Prize Sustainability Award Winner 2019

Morgan Hone
Sustainability Award winner 

MArch, Canterbury School of Architecture
Project: Growtown

"Morgan's analysis of the technologically driven productivity achievable under the Dutch system is far more compelling than merely returning the land to fields, resting as it does on clear precedent and an understanding of the potentials of the extant service grid. A modest proposal, which eschews formal rhetoric for strategic rigor, it has a elegiac character, retaining key elements of Detroit's past while situating them in an optimistic future, which chimes with the city's industrial heritage." 

John Culmerbell, Tutor.