Designing for Inclusivity

Olympic Park image citideck product

Designing and using products that are inclusive and safe is a top priority today to ensure areas are accessible and usable for as many people as possible.

Our CitiDeck product was developed for the London Olympics with this in mind. The smooth board and less abrasive grit provides a more comfortable surface for urban footwear, wheelchair users and pushchairs whilst exceeding the HSL's antislip testing guidelines to ensure the surface is highly resistant to slip.

CitiDeck was created after extensive testing and project development with the Principle Access Officer for the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), Margaret Hickesh.

“I just wish people knew just how uncomfortable it feels to travel over the grooved deck boards” said Margaret. “The new CitiDeck board developed for the park was so much better, not just for wheelchair users, but for a wide range of visitors, from children to the elderly and less able. It was important that the decking solution didn’t become a trip hazard for children or those with mobility impairments.”

An added benefit to using CitiDeck is the profile helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt, litter or food waste ensuring the surface is low maintenance and really easy to keep clean.

CitiDeck is now specified for many urban applications, from schools and hospitals to housing developments, pubs and restaurants.

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