AntiSlip Plus smooth decking

AntiSlip Plus® has been specifically designed to provide a durable and effective anti-slip surface to minimise any risk of slipping, even in adverse weather, with a smooth profile for a modern design.

Preservative treated
Low Maintenance
Made with care
Benefits of AntiSlip Plus®

AntiSlip Plus® smooth profiled timber decking uses a unique formula of grey resin-based aggregate inserts, which are injected into specially machined grooves.

For most uses two non-slip inserts are appropriate, but there are instances where three inserts should be used, such as on a public walkway that crosses water. Other applications also include bridleways and footpaths.

Marley recommends the use of AntiSlip Plus® on decks with public access and the smooth profile is easy to keep clean, so is perfect for use where regular cleaning is required, for example restaurants and pubs.

AntiSlip Plus® has been independently tested by the Health and Safety Laboratory.

Technical specification


  • Pale green, almost clear that overtime fades to a warm honey colour, eventually turning silver grey.


  • 125mm widths: 8m per m2
  • 150mm widths: 6.7m per m2


  • C16 and C24 available

Pendulum Test Value (PTV)*

  • Average PTV wet: 63
  • Average PTV dry: 78

*To use a description of non-slip decking, it must achieve a minimum PTV of 36.


  • Marley recommends following the Timber Decking and Cladding Association guidelines. The best practice guides can be found in the resources section below.

Field cuts

  • All field cuts must be painted/coated with a cut end preservative.


Add character and style to any landscaping project with the two distinct AntiSlip Plus profiles.

The smooth AntiSlip® Plus timber deck board gives a more vibrant, modern style, and achieves a perfect balance with the natural beauty of timber. Why not get a closer look by requesting your sample below?

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Specifying for different sectors

Schools, nursery and playgrounds

AntiSlip Plus® decking can provide a safe and attractive outdoor space that is easy to maintain. We discuss some of the challenges in designing for outdoor play and teaching areas.

Pubs, restaurants and hotels

People love eating outdoors, especially when the weather is warm. Find out why AntiSlip® Plus in a smooth profile is a better option for creating attractive and easy to manage outdoor spaces.


Safety is everything, but so is accessibility. Decking should be slip-resistant and not create a hazard or a barrier for people in wheelchairs or those who are otherwise less able. Take a look at these specification considerations in more detail. 

Boardwalks, bridges and cycle paths

Boardwalks are useful where you need to provide access to an area that may be difficult to reach, such as in rough terrain or marshland. For any boardwalk, bridge, or outdoor path the surface is critical in preventing slips, but the type of decking, its preservative treatment and construction are also very important considerations. 

Timber decking resources

Our latest literature and guidance documents.

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