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Marley anti-slip timber decking

Standard decking can be slippery, particularly in wet weather, which can lead to potential injury. As a result, outdoor decking areas often become unusable and are closed-off, making the outdoor space inaccessible.

Marley has long recognised the potential dangers of slippery decking and so we developed an anti-slip range of decking with enhanced grip. CitiDeck® and AntiSlip Plus® profiles provide a non-slip surface that can be used safely all year round even in wet weather.

Our anti-slip decking products are an ideal choice for many commercial applications particularly across educations, leisure and lifestyle, health, retail and public sector projects.

For most projects, we recommend a minimum of two anti-slip inserts. There may be occasions where three inserts might be considered such as walkways that cross water.

Marley Timber Decking | Antislip
Marley timber decking
Marley timber decking

Simple but effective anti-slip technology

AntiSlip Plus® and CitiDeck® decking contain a unique formula of a resin-based aggregate that forms a grip insert. AntiSlip Plus® uses a grey bauxite insert and CitiDeck® uses a white flint, which is slightly less abrasive than the grey.

Pendulum Test Value

Decking should be tested to confirm its slip resistance. All of Marley’s antislip decking has been independently tested against the standards set out by the United Kingdom Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG). The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) preferred method is the pendulum test - described in BS 7976, parts 1 to 3 - which replicates the action of somebody’s heel striking the surface and measures the dynamic coefficient of friction.

Testing generates a pendulum test value (PTV), a score of 36 or more confirms the surface has a low potential for slip. CitiDeck® and AntiSlip Plus® comfortably exceed this minimum PTV value. 

Range Inserts Average PTV wet Average PTV dry
CitiDeck® 2 61 73
AntiSlip Plus® 2 63 78
AntiSlip Plus® 3 69 81


Our decking has been independently tested by the Health & Safety Laboratory in Buxton.

Marley timber decking
Marley timber decking
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