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Sustainable building material - Timber Decking

Choosing a natural timber decking product can be one of the most sustainable choices for building materials. All of our Marley timber decking is supplied with the PEFC chain of custody certification, confirming the timber is sourced from sustainable, well managed forests.

Chain of custody refers to an unbroken and documented chain of ownership, all the way from the forest, via the mill, to the importer, supplier and finally the customer or end-user.

Marley takes its timber sourcing responsibilities seriously. So by choosing to buy only accredited timber from responsibly managed forests, you can rest assured, the timber decking you specify and buy will help to maintain these forests for future generations.

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Timber certification

When specifying timber decking, you can choose which forest certification scheme your timber complies with, by notifying Marley when placing your order.   


Marley has been audited and meets the requirements for the PEFC Chain of Custody Certification. The scope of this certification includes the purchase, processing, sales and distribution of PEFC certified timber and wood based products. 

Responsible Timber Purchaser

Marley is also certified by Timber Development UK (TDUK) as a Responsible Purchaser. This means we have implemented and demonstrated a due diligence process for timber products placed on the UK market, under the requirements of the TDUK Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP).

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