Non Slip Timber Decking for Playgrounds

Non slip Timber Decking

Non-Slip Decking for Schools, Nurseries & Playgrounds

Non-slip timber decking is ideal for outdoor areas in schools, nurseries and playgrounds. Not only does it look attractive, but it is also safe and has minimal maintenance requirements.

Why Choose CitiDeck?

Marley’s CitiDeck decking was developed initially to meet the London 2012 Olympics inclusivity requirements. It has a smooth profile and comes with two anti-slip inserts. It is not as abrasive as the Antislip Plus® boards, but it still meets and exceeds the HSE’s minimum requirements for non-slip surfaces.

This makes the surface easy for children to walk on. It is also ideal for wheelchair users, ensuring it provides an inclusive surface when you are choosing non-slip decking for schools, nurseries and playgrounds. 



Marley Citideck installed on outdoor theatre
Benefits of Non-Slip Decking for Playgrounds

Non-slip decking for playgrounds provides the perfect low-maintenance solution because all it requires is a quick sweep from time to time and an annual clean, then it can be left to weather naturally.

Qualities of Anti-Slip Timber Decking

All of our anti-slip timber decking is structurally graded to a minimum of C16, and it is also treated with preservatives to provide a 30-year service life.

Timber is also a natural and aesthetically pleasing material, blending in with its surroundings as it weathers naturally over time. It is sourced sustainably and it has full PEFC accreditation.

Contact Marley for Advice and Support

We can provide technical support during your project, including advice on installation and specification. Our experienced technical support team will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you find the best solution.