Pitch Perfect - Low pitch demand with Concrete tile

mendip 12.5 range

With low pitch roofing products continuing to be in high demand, Marley has launched a new concrete interlocking tile, which can be used down to a minimum pitch of just 12.5 degrees.

The new Mendip 12.5 has the same double pan design as the original concrete tile, but includes some innovative features to ensure it can be used at a lower pitch.

Designed with single storey extension projects in mind, the Mendip 12.5 has four weatherproofing channels at the face of the tile to prevent water ingress from wind driven rain. To make it even more watertight, the tile has no nail hole and is instead installed with its own Mendip clip.

As well as the original Mendip tile, which can be used down to pitches of 15 degrees, the range now features the Mendip 12.5 in two colours - Smooth Grey and Smooth Brown - giving contractors more choice on low pitch projects.

Daniel Redfern, from Marley, comments: “The increase in single storey rear extensions, following the relaxation in planning laws, means we are seeing increasing demand for low pitch roofing products. We already offer an extensive low pitch range, with a selection of clay and concrete tiles that can be used from 17.5 down to 12.5 degrees. However, the lowest pitch concrete tile in the range only went down to 15 degrees, so we wanted to offer contractors an even lower option for extension projects.

“Single storey extension projects often require a lower pitch roof due to the position of first floor windows. Standard tiles aren’t always suitable because weather tightness decreases as the roof pitch gets lower and it takes longer for water to drain from the roof. However,

Mendip 12.5 has been designed with discreet features to channel away wind driven rain and keep it watertight, so it is guaranteed to perform at much lower pitches.”

The Mendip 12.5 is installed with a head clip and it is also compatible with the speedy SoloFix one-piece clip and nail, which can be used as the second clip in accordance with BS 5534.

When installing to a low pitch of 12.5 degrees, it has a maximum 100mm head lap and can be used at six metre rafter lengths only.

The new tile also has strong sustainability credentials, including an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification and an ‘Excellent’ BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Certification.

Learn more about Mendip 12.5 here!

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