Specifying non-slip decking for hotels, restaurants, pubs and smoking areas

When specifying decking areas for hotels, restaurants, pubs and smoking areas, consideration must be given to aesthetics, maintenance and safety. Designing deck spaces for these areas using smooth decking benefits from easy to clean boards and a fine non-slip aggregate makes them safe to use whatever the British weather.


Decking design for hotel and food service areas

The right choice of deck board can have a big impact on the day-to-day use of outdoor space and ease of maintenance; therefore choosing between smooth or grooved decking can make a big difference.

Traditional castellated decking can be problematic for restaurant and pub food service areas where food and debris can easily get caught in the grooves of the decking and become a slip risk. The grooves can also be tricky to walk on in heels and can damage both the deck boards and the heeled shoes.

In addition high-traffic areas where food is served must be easy to clean. Whilst a smooth non-slip decking board can improve walking comfort for users with heeled shoes and reduce trip risk, it can also provide a finish that minimises the amount of litter, dirt or spilled food from becoming trapped, making it easier to clean and maintain than grooved decking.


Hotel decking refurbishment

The Hilton Garden Hotel Quay in Glasgow chose smooth CitiDeck boards as a replacement for the outdoor restaurant area over looking on Finnieston Quay. The boards with the finer antislip aggregate worked well for both inclusive access and safety considerations. You can read more in the case study.

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