Timber - the Natural Choice for Decking

Antislip Plus Hartlebury Castle case study image of a path in the forest

Timber is without doubt one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials available.

All the timber decking supplied by Marley is certified by PEFC, meaning it is sourced sustainably from well-managed forests. In these managed forests, trees are replanted to ensure our natural resources are not depleted, which protects hundreds of thousands of jobs and preserves the habitat to many species of wildlife.

Growing new trees has a positive impact on the environment as it ensures that the process of CO2 absorption and oxygen emission is maximised. Roughly one tonne of carbon is stored for every m3 of timber, as well as producing 0.7 tonnes of oxygen. By taking CO2 out of the atmosphere, the impact of global warming can be reduced.  

In terms of manufacturing, our timber decking products require far lower energy inputs than other alternatives such as plastic. Another great feature of our manufacturing process is that we don’t waste any of the timber. Timber that is left over from manufacture is then used in biomass heating, while chippings and sawdust can also be repurposed and used for animal bedding.

We are doing our bit for the environment and, by choosing sustainable timber as your decking material, you can too.  

Our decking range is truly sustainable and renewable with no nasty bits in between.

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