What is non slip decking

understanding anti slip decking by Marley Ltd

Non slip decking or anti-slip decking is timber decking with an insert or coating to give a low potential to slip in wet conditions. Marley uses either a bauxite or flint insert and typically two inserts are all that this is required. CitiDeck® is specially designed for urban areas and is suited where there are requirements for inclusive access.

The use of anti-slip inserts is a personal choice for domestic timber decks and careful care and maintenance with regular cleaning may negate the need for inserts.

However, for commercial applications, the HSE has a technical information sheet – Assessing the slip resistance of flooring. If the timber deck is wet, has liquid split upon it or has not been maintained and cleaned, the deck may not meet the ‘low slip potential’ and may even have a high slip potential. The law requires that floors must not be slippery so that they put people’s safety at risk (The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992).

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