Why Use Timber Decking?

Citideck Rushden Lakes anti slip timber decking by Marley Ltd

Combine sustainability and aesthetics with timber decking

Timber is, without a doubt, one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials available, perfect for landscaping and walkways and for education sector applications such as schools and playgrounds. It is extraordinarily versatile, naturally renewable, beautifully light and strong to work with – warm and welcoming to live with.

Whether for a wetland or coastal area, or simply an attractive, hardwearing and nonslip solution for a restaurant or bar, Marley timber decking can provide a safe and robust solution.


For a unique external environment, timber decking can be used to create patterns and angles, replicating or complementing the building envelope. Designs can follow slick lines or highlight wide open spaces. To assist in the journey through the landscape, smooth and grooved boards can be interwoven or used to highlight stairs, ramps and changes in level, which also help to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Document M.

Carbon Reduction

Carbon and CO2 emissions are recognised as a key factor in climate change. Timber can contribute significantly towards the drive to Zero Carbon by 2016 with the carbon sink effect of the forests, the carbon storage of the timber and as substitution for carbon-intensive materials.

  • Every 1m3 of timber absorbs 1 tonne of CO2
  • Timber energy is CO2 neutral (only the CO2 absorbed is returned back to the atmosphere
  • There is little waste in manufacturing, as the by-products can be used for energy generation in bio-mass power plants, which can be used to generate power for the site or the grid
  • Ethical procurement

Marley has a full chain of custody. This ensures that the timber for our decking is purchased from both legal and sustainable sources. Chain of custody certification providers trace the timber from forest to end use. Two of the largest such providers are PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) both of which are internationally recognised organisations. We at Marley have opted for PEFC for our decking timber. All Marley softwood decking is made from Northern European Redwood. In Northern Europe the annual growth is more than the annual felling and growing trees absorb more carbon.

Fire-Treated Timber

Timber can burn but unlike other materials it behaves predictably, the timber forms a charred surface that acts as protection to the inner surface. Modern fire-retardant treatments are also available that reduce the risk further.