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AntiSlip Plus®, a smooth, profiled non-slip timber decking board, was used on the roof terrace and ground-level terraced areas of the postgraduate lounge

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AntiSlip Plus® Smooth was used to create a safe and accessible decked area on the ground-level terraced areas of the postgraduate lounge at Oxford Brookes University.

The postgraduate social provision lounge at Oxford Brookes University, which was part of a new eco-friendly £17 million ‘village’ development, forming part of the Marston Road project. The building provided an additional 358 residential units for postgraduates close to existing halls of residence.

Architect on the project Michael Magri, of GSS Architecture’s Bristol office, explained: “We specified our general requirement, which was for timber decking to fit with the natural aspect of the design – the ground floor terrace surrounds and cantilevers over the central water feature.

The anti-slip requirement was a major priority in this area, which will have heavy pedestrian traffic throughout the year.” 



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Note: All of our decking products now use a new treatment which changes their colour to a French Beige - Tobacco Brown. While the colour has changed, the case studies still serve as a good indicator for the shape, function and possible applications of the product range. To see the new colour, please visit the main decking page or request a product sample.

oxford brookes case study using Marley decking

AntiSlip Plus® Smooth decking provides a durable and effective anti-slip surface, minimising any risk of slipping, even in adverse weather.  It has a smooth profile which looks great in modern landscaping projects and is an ideal product for schools and universities thanks to its safety features.

Marley's AntiSlip Plus® inserts have been independently tested by the HSE’s Health and Safety Laboratory, using a Stanley Pendulum Test (as described in BS 7976 parts 1-3, 2002) operated to issue 3, 2005 of the UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) guidelines. AntiSlip Plus® was shown to significantly exceed the minimum requirement for ‘low potential for slip’ in both wet and dry conditions.

Its smooth surface prevents food, dirt or litter becoming trapped, making it much easier to clean for maintenance teams.

All of Marley's anti-slip timber decking is strength graded to a minimum of C16 and it is preservative treated to provide a 30 year desired service life.

Marley decking used in Oxford Brookes