Poachers retreat

Acme single camber clay plain tiles

This idyllic home set in it's own country grounds needed a traditional tile with a strong performance. The Acme Single Camber Clay Tile ability to drop to 30° minimum pitch provided great versatility for the designers and contractors to work with.

All in the detail

Designed from scratch, with construction finished in 2007, Poacher’s Retreat, is an imposing and luxurious country house with surrounding gardens, outbuildings and land.

Acme Single Camber Tiles - Precision manufacturing at its finest: all the benefits of a strong, natural material with cutting-edge modern production technique.

Roof detail showing valley and ridge with Acme Double Camber used



  • Acme single camber - Grey sandfaced



  • Residential, refurbishment



  • Malcolm Fox



  • South