Marley Weatherboard Asymmetric External Corner




  • Supplied in 3 metre lengths 
  • Manufactured using high quality 1050 grade aluminium
  • Offers a seamless and weathertight finish where the weatherboard meets an external corner, forming a seal between the trim and the corner.

Colours available

Marley Weatherboard Asymmetric External Corners are supplied in White, Light Grey, Slate Grey or Black, perfectly colour-matched to our range of fibre cement boards.

4 Marley fibre cement weatherboard sample colours displayed

Where is an Asymmetric External Corner used? 

Asymmetric external corner system of Marley fiber cement weatherboard system
Marley weatherboard fixing guide cover image

Weatherboard Resources

You can download versions of our latest Marley Weatherboard fixing guide here to get the information you need immediately. 

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