Dry Fix Bonding Gutters

  • Low and high units for a range of tile types
  • Quick and easy to install
  • GRP material negates the requirement for expensive lead
  • Completely dry fixed - no need for mortar
  • Neat aesthetics


Marley Bonding Gutters are an easy-to-install, lightweight and highly affordable way to reduce the need for mortar and lead at the junction between two different roof coverings. There are two versions available, depending on the tiles or slates being used.

High profile (MA40471): For profiled concrete tiles on one or both sides

Low profile (MA40470): For fibre cement slates, plain tiles, Edgemere, Modern and Ashmore interlocking tiles.

Please note that a high profile bonding gutter may be required, instead of the low profile, subject to adjacent/existing roof rile type and roof substrate.

Length of each gutter: 3m.

Function & Compatibility

  • Effective means of weatherproofing the junction between two different coverings
  • Dry fix solution
Technical Data

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