Universal RidgeFast System

  • Meets BS 5534, BS 8612 requirements and NHBC guidelines
  • Highest grade aluminium flashing
  • Hydrophobic membrane for maximum weather resistance
  • Elastomeric membranes for easy installation and prevents rucking
  • Bespoke batten brackets for anchoring to structure
  • Can be used with all concrete tiles and slates
  • Completely dry fixed system
  • Suitable for standard ridge tiles
  • Provides 5mm continuous ventilation along the ridge

RidgeFast Dry Ridge System

Marley Universal RidgeFast provides a completely dry fixed ridge, is incredibly quick and easy to install and it provides continuous 5mm ventilation along the ridge.

The universal RidgeFast dry ridge system can be used with standard ridge tiles, and it comes with bespoke batten brackets so it can be anchored to the structure.

A hydrophobic membrane gives it excellent weather resistance, and the elastomeric membranes prevent rucking and make installation easy.

It also comes with the highest-grade aluminium flashing, and it meets both BS 5534 and BS 8612 requirements and NHBC guidelines.

Function & Compatibility

  • Provides a completely mortar-free, mechanically fixed ridge
  • Provides high-level 5mm continuous ventilation along ridge
  • Suitable for all Marley tiles and slates
  • Suitable for other manufacturers tiles and slates
  • Can be used for roof pitches between 12.5┬░ and 60┬░

A Universal RidgeFast box contains:

1 No. 6m length ridge roll | 10 No. batten brackets | 13 No. ridge unions | 13 No. ridge union clamps | 13 No. 75mm x 4.8mm s/s screws | 40 No. 25mm x 2.65 mm ARS nails


Marley ridgefast installed on ridge with icons
Technical Data

General conditions:

  • Not suitable for 75 degree plain angle ridge | Capped angle ridge | Roll top ridge | Hogs back ridge
  • Suitable for pitches between 12.5 and 60 degrees
  • Use one or two thicknesses of batten to suit the tile thickness
  • Mechanically fix top course tiles and slates


Maximum rafter pitch:

  • 50 degrees - Edgemere | Modern | Ludlow Plus | Ludlow Major | Double Roman
  • 60 degrees - Plain | Mendip | Wessex | Anglia Plus

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