Ridge Ventilation Terminals

  • A range of complementary weatherproof terminals
  • Ridge vent terminals ideal for natural or mechanical extraction
  • Gas vent ridge terminals available for gas appliances under 60Kw
  • Compatible with ventilated dry ridge systems
  • Practical, easily installed and unobtrusive


The Marley range of ridge vent terminals are designed to provide a totally dry fixed and weathertight means of mechanical or passive stack ventilation that are fast and simple to install. Compatible with our ventilated dry ridge system, every ridge unit can be mechanically fixed, eliminating the need for mortar completely. The system is suitable for use with all Marley tiles and slates.

Function & Compatibility

Technical Data
  • Gas vent ridges are for use with gas appliances not exceeding 60Kw
  • Connection to the gas vent ridge is achieved with the use of an R type adaptor, available from plumbing and gas suppliers
  • Not suitable for gas condensing or oil fired boilers
  • For mechanical extraction of a standard ridge vent terminal, stepped adaptors and flexi pipes are available separately

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ridge vent components

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